Bourgogne Modern

Project: “Worldly Farmhouse Styles Unite"

Located in Baltimore County, Maryland, this home is nestled into the rolling hills of a countryside horse farm. The owners built this home new, but wanted it to look old. A farmhouse that had modern elegance with old world texture. This home could be just as comfortable in Burgundy, France or Tuscany, Italy.

We used custom plaster walls throughout, 400 year old cathedral stone floors, reclaimed timbers, roof tiles, and many of the doors… all to make this not only look old, but much of the house is old.

The interiors crossover from modern to classical, a little whimsy with tradition. The ultimate goal was to feel nestled, comfortable, refined, and like you were in a farmhouse... all at the same time. The fabrics are natural and organic, the patterns are collected, and the materials have a depth of finishes.


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2201 old court rd,
brooklandville, md 21208

phone: 410.878.0043
FAX: 410.878.0307